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P.L. Sherman Company, Inc. is a manufacturers' representative for commercial HVAC and industrial process cooling products; providing sales and service in central and western Kentucky and southern Indiana for over 30 years. We are committed to providing dependable products and unparalleled support.  


P.L. Sherman Company was founded by Paul Sherman, Sr. and his son Paul Sherman, Jr. in 1976.  Michael Hubbuch joined the Sherman's as an account manager in 1992 and on Paul Sherman, Jr's retirement, he purchased the company in 2014. Adam Clark joined the team as an account manager in 2014.

The company continues to be a family owned and oriented business today.


Michael A. Hubbuch

President and Owner


Adam S. Clark

Sales Account Manager



We are proud to represent the following premier manufacturers

Evaporative Cooling Products

SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Product Family:


Factory Assembled Steel and Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Factory Assembled Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

Field Erected Wood, Steel, and Fiberglass Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Repair and Reconstruction Services

Replacement Parts


Evaporative Condensors and Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers

Cooling Towers

Replacement Parts


Cooling Towers

Air Cooled Condensers

Replacement Parts

Heat Transfer Products

Paul Mueller Company

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers  

Replacement Parts

Fluid Transfer Products

National Pump Company

Vertical Turbine Pumps

Packaged Pump Systems & Controls

American-Marsh Pumps

Vertical and Horizontal Turbine Pumps

Submersible and Column Sump and Solids Handling Pumps

Close Coupled and Frame Mounted Centrifugal Pumps

Close Coupled Inline Centrifugal Pumps

Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps

Franklin Pumps

Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps

Submersible Pumps

Memphis Pumps

Close Coupled and Frame Mounted Centrifugal Pumps

Fluid Quality Products


Thompson stainless steel screen strainer systems

TurboDisc high efficiency automatic filter systems

Helix high efficiency manual filters

Sand filter systems

Tanks and Piping Accessories Products

Design Tanks

 Custom Fiberglass Tanks  

Wessels Company

Plain, Diaphragm & Bladder Expansion Tanks

Air Purgers, Air Separators & Air Vents

Air Receiver, Flash and Glass and Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

Glycol Fill Systems

American Wheatley

Plain, Diaphragm & Bladder Expansion Tanks

Air Purgers, Air Separators & Air Vents

Air Receiver, Flash and Glass and Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

Valves and Fittings

Twin City Hose

Flexible Metal Pump Connectors and Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints

Teflon Hose, Connectors and Expansion Joints


New Marley BasinGard Filter

The BasinGard™ Filter maintains the cooling tower’s hot water basin flow by capturing mineral scale, pipe rust, fibers and debris. Its patent-pending filter is infused with silver-based biocide, offering antimicrobial benefits to help maintain cooling tower hygiene. Because it ensures free flow of water to the nozzles – even with up to 75% heavy debris blockage – the BasinGard Filter reduces the risk of basin overflow, guards against premature component replacement and helps maintain cooling tower performance.

This new product is available for retrofit on existing crossflow towers as well as on new Marley crossflow cooling towers and hybrid fluid coolers.

Let us help reduce your maintenance costs and improve the health of your cooling tower system. 

New Marley Videos

Overland Park, Kan. – SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of cooling towers and other specialized heat exchangers, announces a new, continuing video series covering best practices for installing the MarleyNC Cooling Tower. The first four episodes are now available, with additional installments to publish in the coming months. Available for viewing are:

Episode 1: Site Prep, Tower Arrival and Unloading – covers steps for making the cooling tower staging and receiving process trouble-free and efficient, and outlines where to locate the components and literature included with the cooling tower shipment.

Episode 2: Installation Instructions and Drawings – reviews documents that arrive with the cooling tower shipment, including bills of materials, and lists of all necessary hardware to be located and organized before beginning cooling tower installation.

Episode 3: Necessary Hardware – outlines the tools and fasteners required for proper cooling tower installation, as well as joint-sealing instructions to help prevent leaks.

Episode 4: Hoisting Modules – provides hoisting guidelines to pick and position cooling tower modules with ease.

View the full video library at http://www.spxcooling.com/Contractor-Resources. For additional information, visit www.spxcooling.com.


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