P.L. Sherman Assigned as New Spirotherm Representative

Spirotherm  partnered with P.L. Sherman Company in an agreement to promote and sell their industry leading coalescing air, air & dirt, and dirt separators. Although dirt is generally recognized as a problem point in hydronic systems, most don't realize the negative impact air can have in terms of noise generation, heat transfer efficiency loss and promotion of corrosion.  Spirotherm coalescing separators are extremely efficient at removing dirt and eliminating 100% of the free air, 100% of the entrained air and up to 99.6% of the dissolved air.

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Griswold Water Systems Announces New IntegraClean™

Wave™ chemical-­‐free water treatment on a side-­‐stream, low head centrifugal separator system, and revolutionary CleanSweep™ basin sweeping are integrated into a single point-­‐of-­‐purchase product, which results in significant savings for building owners and a very efficiently operated system. The potential for expensive system upsets is dramatically reduced, as InstAlert™ remote monitoring is included in this product.

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SPX Introduces the Marley LW Fluid Cooler

The Marley LW Fluid Cooler is an induced-draft counterflow closed-circuit fluid cooler utilizing patent-pending heat transfer technology. The LW's lower height and compact build with factory-installed controls address may municipal code height restrictions. By bringing several key activities typically performed onsite into the controlled environment of the factory, the LW also offers significant installation and maintenance advantages that effectively address shrinking budgets and skilled labor pools.

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